Schedule Changes

How to Request a Work Schedule Change

A schedule change request is required if you work a schedule other than the UTSA standard schedule of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. A non-standard schedule establishment is required for the Time & Labor and Payroll & Absence Management systems to default to the correct number of hours worked and off days for the employee’s work week.

Types of work schedule changes include:

  • Change from a standard schedule to a non-standard schedule (greater than one work week)
  • Change from a non-standard schedule to a standard schedule (greater than one work week)
  • Change from a non-standard schedule to another non-standard schedule (greater than one work week)
  • Attempt to record an absence event on any off day

The following do not constitute a work schedule change and do not need a Schedule Change Request Form:

  • Hours worked as one day exceptions
  • Additional hours worked on any particular day within a work week
  • Reduction in hours on any particular day and/or transfer additional hours to another day within the same work week
  • Schedule changes for one week or less

General Notes on Submitting a Schedule Change Request Form

  • Supervisors should consider the effect the work schedule change may have on work performed by co-workers
  • Submit one Schedule Change Request Form per employee
  • Schedule change requests must be submitted a minimum of five business days prior to the request’s effective date
  • New proposed work schedule hours should equal employee’s FTE rate equivalent in hours:
    • FTE of 1.00 = 40 hours per week
    • FTE of 0.75 = 30 hours per week
  • The effective date of the schedule change request must be on a future-dated Monday, which is the beginning of the UTSA work week
  • Email your Schedule Change Request Form to Payroll