Merchant Category Codes

MasterCard and Visa assign a Merchant Category Code (MCC) to all businesses that accept credit cards. The MCC represents the type of goods/services that a business sells. For example, HEB, Target and Walmart are assigned the MCC for grocery stores since groceries make up most of their revenue.

UTSA uses MCCs to control what you can purchase with your One Card and, occasionally, your purchase may be declined for an MCC that is not authorized for your card.

How to Add a Merchant Category Code

If your declined purchase is not restricted by the One Card Financial Guideline, you may request an override of the MCC for that purchase. To temporarily add the declined MCC, you must use the Card Maintenance Request form using DocuSign*, which will route through appropriate approvals. Once your request form is approved by your department, send it to Credit Card Administration with a copy of the invoice or quotation.

*Note: Visit the DocuSign website to learn how to use it.