Cellular Phones

How to Pay for Department Cellular Phones and Service Plans

In a limited number of instances, your department may deem it necessary to purchase cellular phones with the purpose of enhancing business communication between employees when away from the office (e.g., UTSA Police Department or University Technology Solutions). To properly purchase and track the authorized phones, complete the Exception to Cellular Phone Allowance form and route for approval. Next, create a PO using one of the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) vendors to initiate the process in PeopleSoft.

Once your PO is set up and the bill ready for payment, send it to the Disbursement & Travel Services for processing of payment. Ensure you include the valid PO number.

How to Process Employee Cellular Phone Allowance

If your department approves a monthly employee cell phone allowance to offset some of the costs, then complete the Cellular Phone Allowance form and route for approvals. Create an e-form to incorporate the allowance amount to the employee’s regular paycheck. Contact Payroll Management Services for further details.