Vendor Payments

How to Process Vendor Payments

Processing vendor payments is as easy as one, two, three! Your first step is to ensure your vendor or supplier is properly set up in PeopleSoft to create a purchase order (PO) requisition in Rowdy Exchange or to process a non-PO payment. Register vendors in our PaymentWorks platform by inviting them to participate. Visit the Vendor Setup page for instructions.

To process your vendor payments, send all invoices associated with the POs to Disbursements & Travel Services. Ensure you reference a valid PO number.     

Processing an After-the-Fact (ATF) Purchase Order

If an approved contract or PO were not completed before goods were purchased or services rendered, then process an after-the-fact PO to pay for goods or services. Go to Rowdy Exchange to complete electronic ATF form. Send your invoice to Disbursements & Travel Services and reference ATF number for processing of payment.

1099-MISC and 1099-NEC Forms

Some of your vendors may merit a 1099 at year-end according to the IRS when paid $600 or more for the calendar year. Effective 2020, the 1099 form was redesigned with the purpose of separating and reporting Non-Employee Compensation on a 1099NEC. Forms are mailed out to vendors by the IRS deadline, Jan. 31.