Student Reimbursements

How to Process a Student Reimbursement

Your department sponsor may create a non-purchase order (non-PO) voucher in PeopleSoft to process your student reimbursement for the purchase of small dollar items. Remember to turn in any applicable receipts for reimbursement. Take into consideration that student stipends, scholarships, and student travel or non-travel awards, are typically processed through the Scholarship Office with Financial Aid. Visit the Supplier/Vendor Setup page to set up the student as a vendor using PaymentWorks. 

If you are a student (non-employee) and your department is attempting to reimburse you for insurance costs, then your reimbursement is considered income, and you will receive a 1099Misc form at year-end.

If you are a student employee and your department sponsor is attempting to reimburse you for insurance costs, then the department sponsor can contact Payroll Services for further assistance with processing an e-form to add a one-time payment to your paycheck. The amount will be included on your W-2 or Form 1042 at year-end.  

How to Process Student Stipends and Awards

If you receive a student award, further approval from the Scholarships Office in Financial Aid is first necessary to certify your award is not reportable on a 1099Misc or 1099NEC at year-end. If Financial Aid determines that department sponsors can move forward with a non-PO instead of processing payment as a student refund using Banner, then include the approved award letter, along with any applicable receipts, with your non-PO voucher for processing of payment. Route non-PO voucher to Financial Aid for approval.

Student Travel Reimbursements

Visit the Student Travel page to further guide you when you are traveling in the capacity of a student or in the capacity of a student employee. 

Job Aids to Help Your Department Sponsor Process Your Reimbursement