Wire Transfers

How to Process a Wire Transfer

Use a Wire Transfer Request form to pay foreign vendors who do not bank in the United States. In other words, wire transfers are meant to send monies internationally, otherwise your payments can be sent via ACH or direct deposit — even if your vendor is foreign, but lives and banks in the United States. Route Wire Transfer Request using DocuSign to expedite approvals. Keep into account that you should first invite your foreign vendor to complete the onboarding registration process in PaymentWorks to get started. Visit the Supplier Setup page for instructions.  

Once your vendor is successfully set up, create a purchase order (PO) or non-PO as applicable. For all PO-related payments, send your documentation (invoice and wire transfer request) to Disbursements & Travel Services for processing of payment. All monies are sent in dollars and, if applicable, after currency exchange conversion is completed by bank. If you are processing a non-PO voucher, create the electronic document in PeopleSoft and attach your documentation for review. A $7 service fee will be charged to your cost center or funding source at the end of the month. Allow approximately 15 business days for processing of payment.