Employee Reimbursements

How to Process an Employee Reimbursement

The expense reimbursement process is the venue used by the university to pay you back for small dollar business and travel expenses you may have incurred. Through the Travel & Expense module in PeopleSoft, you can create an expense report and attach all receipts typically within 30 days of having incurred the expense. If you plan on buying high-volume, high-dollar or restricted items, check first with your administrative department staff or Business Service Center staff in observance of purchasing thresholds and compliance rules. Remember to update your banking information in Employee Self-Service (ESS) for a quick and seamless payment process. If you lost or misplaced receipts, complete a Declaration of Missing Evidence form. Once your expense report is received in Disbursements & Travel Services, expect payment within 10 business days.

Hospitality and Entertainment Expenses

If you request reimbursement of hospitality and entertainment expenses (e.g., business meeting lunches), include an approved Business Expense Form (BEF) when processing your expense report. Provide a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to your vendor when the amount of sales tax is substantial. Consider a reasonable or imposed gratuity of no more than 15-20 percent for reimbursement purposes. Visit the Entertainment and University Guests pages for eligibility of expenses.

Travel Expenses

If you request reimbursement of travel expenses for yourself or for group travel, visit the Faculty & Staff Travel and Group Travel pages to guide you through the process. Remember to link your approved Travel Authorization or Cash Advance, as applicable, to your expense report to successfully close out your travel documents in PeopleSoft.