How to Process a University Membership

As part of the university, you may pay fees to different organizations in support of the university’s overall mission and goals. These fees can be paid annually or billed on a monthly basis. Whichever the case, you can pay for a UTSA membership with the purpose of benefiting a group of faculty or staff. Memberships can be paid to professional organizations, to secure periodicals, to provide online access (e.g., library subscriptions), to buy discounted goods from a warehouse club (e.g., Sam’s and Costco), and with additional approval, access to social and recreational clubs.

While memberships do not require the processing of a purchase order, you should carefully assess the benefit and purpose of memberships with the goal of supporting the institutional mission. If at any point, you feel social and recreational clubs are necessary to further UTSA’s mission, then additional approvals are needed in tandem with the completion of a Business Expense Form (BEF) to account for the expense. Otherwise, you can move forward by processing a non-PO voucher or use a One Card as a payment method. 

Bear in mind that the university does not pay or reimburse employees for memberships to any chambers of commerce.